Tiffany Ryan - Personal Trainer, National Level Figure Competitor and Model

Quick Facts

Honors & Activities

Birthday: Virgo
Birthplace: Arkansas
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Residence: Fort Worth, TX
Status: I had the most beautiful & wonderful daughter in the universe, Alexis Jade Schooley, R.I.Heaven.  She was tragically killed March 2011 in a house fire at her 17th birthday party. Still can't believe she's gone. I'll miss her terribly the rest of life.
Occupation: Former school teacher, personal trainer and group ex. instructor for the last 13 yrs
Education: BS in Education from Henderson State & Cooper Institute and IFA Personal Trainer Certs.
Height: 5’ 4”
Normal weight: 130 lbs
Competition weight: 123 lbs
Favorite retreat: The beach, love warm weather
Favorite music: Alternative & hip hop
Favorite cheat food: Mexican, Asian, pizza, & any dessert!
Favorite healthy food: Natural, crunchy peanut butter on whole wheat bagel- toasted, or any unsalted, plain nuts
Drink/smoke: Negative on both accounts
Hobbies outside of gym: Spending time w/ God, family, friends, & my dog, Sandy. Being active.
Trainers: Myself
Fitness Goal: Do my best, kick ass, stay in shape, & motivate others to do the same
Fitness icon: Monica Brant, Ava Cowan, Jenny Lynn, Ardella Garcia
Competition plans: none

NPC Dallas Europa Supershow, OVERALL in Figure, 1st in A class Figure,  2nd Figure Masters- 08/11
NPC Branch Warren Classic, 4th Figure Open, 2nd Figure Masters- 07/11
HardFitness Calendar 2011 Mrs. September
Appearance in Muscle & Fitness Hers Nov/Dec, page 10 Featured Athlete of the Month August 2010
NPC Jr. USA, 8th place Figure- 08/10
Sponsorship by Hardfitness 8/2009-8/2011     Sponsorship by 2008-current
NPC Red River Classic, 2nd place Figure Open-10/09
Hardfitness E-Magazine Sept. 2009 COVER
NPC Europa Supershow, 4th place Figure Open- 08/09
NPC Red River Classic, 1st Novice lightweight Bodybuilding, Overall Novice Bodybuilding, 2nd Open lightweight Bodybuilding, & 3rd Figure Open- 10/08
IFBB North American Championships, 16th place Figure- 09/07
Stacker II Hottest Mom Swimsuit contest @ the Dallas Europa, WINNER- 09/06
NPC Lonestar Classic, 2nd place Figure Open- 06/06
NPC Junior Nationals Figure Championships, 16th place Figure- 6/2004 AND 6/2006
Appearance in Muscular Development Volume 42, December 2005 pgs. 48-49
Appearance in Muscle & Fitness, December 2005 pg. 30
Budweiser, Lonestar Distribution, Rock Hard Formulations, Smoothie Factory, The Gym for Health & Fitness, & Promax Products Promo girl-  various times between 2003-2006
NPC Red River Classic, 2nd place Figure Open- 10/02
NPC Irongames, 3rd place Figure Open- 04/02

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